[Groop] To Chris (Chris don't tell Gary)

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Re: [Groop] To Chris (Chris don't tell Gary)Hey Kevin, Larry and Glorko!  

Ha!  Ha and Double Ha!!  You guys think you can take me for the fool I am?    The Atlantis Weekly Gazette?  I know there's no such publication.  Everyone knows it came out MONTHLY!  (Hey, it took a long time for them to make all those copies by hand.)  

But you didn't know that I know that there's no Atlantis Weekly Gazette.  But now you know that I know the no-no of you not knowing that I know it's no good to know about it.  Who knew?   

I'm starting my search tomorrw.  I think I'll start my research at the offices of the Weekly World News.  They seem to know all sorts of stuff no one else does.  (And it's all true!)    -Gary G.  

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  Gee, Kevin, (not in parentheses so Gary can read it) there were 3 original Groos in the Atlantis Weekly Gazette! Didn't you know that?

  BTW, where the heck have you been? How's California... or Oregon, or wherever it was you moved to? Have you seen Rosemary and Thyme with Felicity Kendal (the love of our lives)?


  on 7/31/05 10:52 AM, Kevin Hall at kevinqhall at netscape.net wrote:

  > I just had an amazingly fabulous idea, glorko:  If someone found the 
  > lost continent of Atlantis, they'd be set for life, no? We'd have fame, 
  > money, honorary archaeology degrees, guest spots on all the really bad 
  > talk shows, etc. We could sell the movie rights for the movie that'll 
  > never get made, etc.
  > "But, Kevin, how could we ever find Atlantis?" you'd probably ask. 
  > Simple: we tell Gary that there are 3 or 4 Groo cartoons that appeared 
  > in the Atlantis Weekly Gazette some time last year. He wouldn't care 
  > about finding the lost continent, he'd just care about the issues. We 
  > follow him for the next few months until he finds the offices of the 
  > Atlantis Weekly Gazette, and voila! We're there!
  > Kevin
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