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Did anybody release Groo in Sumatra, Indonesia...??  there was massive 
fires (fire for land clearing and bush fire) that engulf  south east 
asia, including malaysia with haze...?    Malaysia was declared in state 
of emergency today in some areas because of this haze...
Malaysia haze triggers emergency
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4140660.stm where at some ares, 
the API  had reached over 500
Malaysia in state of emergency from pollution haze
Looks like this is the act of Groo... and he might be in Indonesia now....
some pictures... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/4137820.stm

Air quality in Kuala Selangor and Port Klang "very unhealthy"

News Update by The Star Newsdesk 

PETALING JAYA: As of 11am, hazardous air quality levels have been 
recorded at 51 Department of Environment (DOE) monitoring stations. 

The API reading at Kuala Selangor was "very unhealthy" at 531 while Port 
Klang recorded an equally highly hazardous level of 529. 

Meanwhile, visibility in Sepang and Petaling Jaya were between 500m and 
1km, whereas in Subang, Temerloh and Malacca, it was between 1.3km and 

Other areas like Kuala Krai, Setiawan, Kuching and Bintulu recorded 
visibility readings of between 3 and 5km. 

Haze clouds market sentiment


As the haze envelopes the Klang Valley, concerns over its economic 
impact have led to cautious investors trimming their positions in the 
stock market. 

As a result, the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) yesterday fell nine 
points to the day's low before partially recovering in the final half 
hour of trading to close at 939, down five points. 

The first to bear the economic impact of the haze was Northport (M) Bhd, 
which said yesterday that port operations had been suspended due to 
hazardous environmental conditions and poor visibility, and would resume 
once the situation improved. 

Northport, with operations in Port Klang, the worst affected area, is a 
wholly-owned subsidiary of NCB Holdings Bhd. NCB shares eased five sen 
to RM2.50. 

The suspension of operations at the port could temporarily affect 
imports or exports of manufacturers and food wholesalers. It could also 
cause inconvenience to logistics companies that move these goods or 

At the same time, Subang airport just outside Kuala Lumpur announced it 
was closed till conditions improved. Meanwhile, the authorities are 
closely monitoring visibility at the KL International Airport. 

Not surprisingly, these conditions cast a pall over Malaysia Airports 
Holdings Bhd shares, which declined nine sen, or 4%, to RM2.08 yesterday.  

Among airlines, Malaysia Airlines fell eight sen to RM3.66 and AirAsia 
eased one sen to RM1.76. 

The haze may also lead to a reduction in tourist arrivals although 
figures are yet to be made available. 

At the street level, retail businesses are also feeling the impact as 
the haze kept people at home. 

The businesses most affected were sidewalk cafés and shops. The open-air 
sections of these cafés, which are normally packed, are now deserted. 
This would reduce consumer demand, an important element in the economy. 

In previous years, when winds blew the smoke from fires in Indonesia to 
every part of this country, some plantation companies were also affected 
as the haze had led to lower yield from oil palm trees. 

This time, however, as the haze seems to have affected mostly the Klang 
Valley, plantations companies may be spared. 

One company that stands to benefit from the haze is PLUS Expressways 
Bhd, which is likely to see more traffic on its tolled North-South 
Expressway as more people are expected to use the highway to head to 
other parts of the country, especially during the weekends, to escape 
the haze. 

Similarly, resorts and hotels in other parts of the country may see 
higher occupancy levels while occupancies in Kuala Lumpur are likely to 

If the haze persists, the economic consequences could be significant as 
it grips the commercial heart of the nation. It could, of course, also 
clear any time as soon as it rains. 

If both the haze persists and market conditions continue to be overcast, 
traders may sell their shares while those with a contrarian view may buy 
stocks whose prices have fallen, in anticipation better conditions when 
the haze clears. 

The KLCI's decline yesterday went against the regional trend in which 
most other markets went up. As the KLCI eased 0.6%, the Straits Times 
Index in Singapore declined 0.4%. 

The regional markets were led by Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index, which 
surged almost 2% and Japan's Nikkei 225, which rose 1.7% on optimism of 
stronger economic growth.

    Haze Alert

More places under hazy siege 
It is confirmed - our air is hazardous and in more places than earlier 
thought. The people wanted the Air Pollution Index (API) released and 
the Government did so on the order from the Cabinet.

KL schools closed as haze situation worsens 
All schools in Kuala Lumpur and parts of Selangor are closed today and 
tomorrow due to the worsening haze which has seriously affected the 
health of schoolchildren.

Students made to run around field 
A teacher made some 200 Year Six pupils run round a field after they 
created a ruckus during recess in SRK Kampung Tunku.

API reading for Klang Valley at unhealthy level 
The Air Pollutant Index confirmed the people's worst fears that the air 
in the entire Klang Valley was very unhealthy and in Klang hazardous.

ICY SURPRISE: Christopher Anand Anthonysamy, a reader of The Star, 
showing the ice that fell during a hailstorm in Subang Jaya Wednesday. 
The hailstorm brought both surprise and relief to the residents facing a 
worsening haze. Christopher, 15, said he was at home in SS14/5E with his 
mother and sister when the storm occured. They ran out to get the 
laundry only to be greeted by rain that had turned into ice. 'I grabbed 
my digital camera and started recording. I have never seen so much ice 
falling down from the sky,' Christopher told The Star.

Haze-related illnesses increasing 
Clinics are recording an increase in illnesses triggered by poor air 
quality over 72 hours.

Masks selling like hot cakes 
Pharmacies are doubling up their stock of masks due to the worsening 
haze situation.

Poor visibility forces airport to close 
The Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SAAS) airport has been temporarily closed 
due to poor visibility.

50ha orchard in Sekinchan on fire 
A 50ha orchard in Sekinchan, Selangor, is on fire due to open burning 

Port Klang engulfed by smoke 
With the whole town covered in haze, visitors might think that a raging 
inferno had erupted.

Most people want schools to close 
More than a thousand Internet users took part in The Star Online's poll 
on the haze, indicating serious public concern over the unhealthy air 
quality in several parts of the country.

Fisherman unable to go out to sea 
Fisherman Soh Ah Hak has not been going out to sea for the past four 
days because the haze has severely reduced visibility in the Straits of 

Fish die from lack of oxygen 
The haze is behind the death of thousands of fish at a pond in Kampung 
Pasir in Rantau, near Seremban.

Indonesia draws censure 

Stay off busy shipping lanes at Malacca Straits advice 
Fishermen in Muar have been advised against going out to fish in the 
busy shipping lanes in the Malacca Straits because of poor visibility 
caused by the haze.

No mass cancellation by foreign tourists 
The haze which is enveloping the Klang Valley has not created a wave of 
vacation cancellations or kept tourists from visiting Malaysia.

'Post haze info on highways' 
Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu told highway concessionaires 
yesterday to take measures to ensure the safety of motorists using the 

26 students faint in class 
Twenty-six students in a classroom at SM Tengku Ampuan Jemaah fainted 
because of the bad haze situation.

Pahang affected, too 
The town and some districts in Pahang were covered with haze Wednesday.

Firm donates 10,000 masks 
A private firm has contributed 10,000 surgical masks to schools in the 
Klang Valley and for newspaper vendors nationwide. 

# Take part in our online poll 
<http://poll.thestar.com.my/forms/form.asp?file=/2005/8/11> on the haze 
# See a selection of pictures of the haze taken by The Star readers in the 
Photos <> 


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