[Groop] New Groo Sightings....

Mo orst m00rst at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 6 16:06:20 PST 2005

Yet another teeny Groo in the Weekly World News this week.

ALSO! In the July 1984 issue of Heavy Metal there is a t-shirt ad for 
Graphitti Designs on page 51. Of the four shirts shown for sale (9.95 each) 
the Groo shirt from Pacific #6 (the one with both sides of the cover) is on 
the bittom left. On the far right there are blurbs about all the artists 
(inc. Moebius, Eisner, Dave Stevens and Sergio) and the one about Sergio 

"GROO by Sergio Aragones... this design by the MAD-man speaks for itself, 
with full-color designs on both front and back of this natural colored 

The ad itself is a bit risque. A nude woman is covering her front with a 
Rocketeer t-shirt while wild-eyed aliens look at her from behind a green 
curtain. The other shirts are suspended on display to her left. The ad isn't 
x-rated, but the issue of HM is in a few stories, unfortunately. Still, it's 
nice to add another magazine-size item to my Groo collection. That section 
has always been a bit thin.

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