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great notes, Eric.

Regarding "Kong" and the Groo statues,  I concur wholeheartedly.



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>Hi guys/grrls!
>1. Motor City Comic Con (May 19-21, 2006)
>     Sergio is on the guest list.
>     http://motorcityconventions.com/motor_city_comic_con/guests.html
>2. Wondercon (Feb. 10-12, 2006)
>     Sergio is on the guest list.
>     http://www.comic-con.org/wc/wc_guests.shtml
>3. Maximum Fantastic Four (Hardcover)
>    Comics expert Mark Evanier contributes an essay on the early days of
>4. Comic Book Artist Vol. 2 #6
>     The issue that was supposed to be Sergio's issue (but got bumped to a
>     Will Eisner issue) is available now.  I don't think Sergio has 
>in it,
>     but I think Mark has a tribute.  At this year's San Diego Comic Con, 
>     Cooke said that he still plans to have an issue on Sergio.
>5. Classic Comic Book Characters #6 Groo Statue
>     Release date has been bumped to June 14, 2006.  Limited to 550.  So, 
>     everyone on the mailing each buys 2 statues, we could have them all!!!
>6. George -- thank you for the card!  Glad you and your family had a good
>7. King Kong is more amazing than the Amazing Spider-Man, more fantastic
>     than the Fantastic Four, more incredible than the Incredible Hulk, ...
>     It's simply the most visually spectacular movie, filled with non-stop
>     at every turn.  It's 3 hours 7 minutes long, but you can't take a 
>     a get another bag of popcorn without missing a crucial part of the
>     Borders has the KK production diaries on sale right now for $29.99.
>8. There was also a Usagi Yojimbo baseball cap.
>     http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=18-312
>See you.
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