[Groop] Groo & Usagi Together

John T Comics230 at cox.net
Sat Dec 24 04:46:05 PST 2005

Is someone one the list bidding on the tee shirt. If so, I won't bid any more, but if not...

John T.
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  I found this on ebay:


  Even though I have both of theseand they're not my size, I bid on them. I really shouldn't post it to the list because I know one of you will out bid me. My max bid $8.00. Mybe none of the  Groop is reading e-mail during Christmas week!

  To those of you who celbrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! 
  Happy Chanukkah or Happy Hanukkah (I've seen spelled both was with just the H the more common) to my Jewish Friends.  

  John T.


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