[Groop] RISK: The Groo Variation

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Wed Feb 16 10:33:01 PST 2005

RISK: The Groo Variation

As a fan of both Groo and the game of RISK, I have come up with this simple variation of the game. 

Additional pieces: Groo miniature. 

Set up the RISK game as you normally do. Once all armies are placed, the deck of RISK cards shuffled and one card in chosen. Groo is placed on this country. The owner of that country automatically looses half his armies (round up).

Before each turn, the player rolls a die. The player then can move Groo that many countries to another country. The owner of the new country then removes half his armies. When moving Groo, you must move the number of spaces on the die, and you cannot repeat a country for that move. (Groo cannot stop the original country or any country he had to pass through) A player may choose not move Groo before he rolls. No additional armies are to be removed, if Groo stays put. Moving Groo across a body of water counts as on space. (i.e. Moving Groo from North Africa to Brazil would be 2 spaces, not one.) Body of water crossing a designated by the connecting dotted lines between countries.

Any country Groo stops on, must loose at least one army. If there is only one army in that 
country it becomes an open country. Once Groo leaves that country, any player move into at the end of turn (when doing reinforcements.) Groo must be off the country for a player to move in. Moving into an open country does not count as taking over a country for RISK card purposes.

If you wish to attack to or from a country with Groo in it, any armies lost by either side are doubled.   

IF you have additional suggestions let me know.

John T

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