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Mark Evanier evanier at evanier.com
Mon Feb 28 21:32:07 PST 2005

You might all be interested by this...

Every year, the National Cartoonists Society has an event they call
the Reuben Weekend.  They take over some hotel, and all the members
fly in for three days of parties and seminars and the big Reuben Award
banquet.  This year, it's being held in Scottsdale, Arizona on
Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday of the three-day event is being designated as "Sergio Sunday."
There will be some kind of seminar devoted to his work.  There will be
a Sergio Roast with a bunch of his friends saying nasty things about
him.  There will be a special edition of Quick Draw! with all the
great newspaper cartoonists competing against Sergio.  I will be
involved in all of these.

This is not something that any of you will probably be able to attend.
For one thing, I think it's something like $500 per person for
non-members of the NCS.  But I thought you'd want to know about it,
and I think I'll be able to get a videotape of the highlights and run
it at the Sergio/Mark panel at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego.
I'll also let you know if there are any publications or special
collectibles that you can obtain.

In the meantime, Sergio is finally starting work on the GROO/CONAN
series.  We're going to get a good chunk of it done before it's
scheduled so I'm guessing you won't see it at least until late this
year, probably next.
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