[Groop] Sergio Plans

Ugly Person msudol0928 at rogers.com
Sun Jan 30 17:32:24 PST 2005

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On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 20:10:53 -0500, "Ugly Person"
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>>How about way up here in Ontario Canada?

>ME: No one has invited us to Ontario so we're not going.
>Apart from the San Diego convention, pretty much anywhere Sergio or I
>go, convention-wise, is because someone contacted us and invited us to
>come and agreed to pay all expenses.  So it's not like we don't want
>to go to certain cities...but no one's asked us.

Consider yourself invited.
Now, we can't afford to PAY you anything, but you can sleep in our basement
while you're in town.....
But I'd love to have you.

Sergio, at least.

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