[Groop] gary dressed up as a movie attendant

GARY GROSSMANN grossfamm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 4 09:08:19 PDT 2005

You have a good point.

Maybe I'll hide in Sergio's mustache.

Of course, if he sneezes I'm in big trouble.

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> don't do it gary, you'll be so excited when the previews start to roll
> a real movie worker will wander upon you and notice that you are a little
> too eager for a theatre employee and conclude you are a phony.  Next thing
> you know, you'll be dragged out in handcuffs 15 seconds before the movie
> really begins and after a night or two or fifty in jail next to the guys
> that have been shackled to the wall for 50 years, you will realize it was
> not worth it.
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