[Groop] gary dressed up as a movie attendant

John T Comics230 at cox.net
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Least you forget Gary works for the state. All he has to say he going on the road for business and show up to work at the movie theater. Hence, he gets a paid leave of absence. Nobody in his ofice will even notice the difference.

John "Sterotypical State Employee" Torregrossa
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  As it is months before the screening.... Gary will apply to work as what he mentioned.. no need to disguise... he will be paid to wait for the movie... when the movie is going to start.. he can resign with immediate notice....  about his current job... he can apply for unpaid leave for  that duration...  and go back to his old work the next day...hehehhe

  Shawn Moore wrote:

    don't do it gary, you'll be so excited when the previews start to roll that a real movie worker will wander upon you and notice that you are a little too eager for a theatre employee and conclude you are a phony.  Next thing you know, you'll be dragged out in handcuffs 15 seconds before the movie really begins and after a night or two or fifty in jail next to the guys that have been shackled to the wall for 50 years, you will realize it was not worth it. 


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