[Groop] Groo Hardcover Question

Shane Clarke sac at foolarchy.com
Fri Jun 10 22:06:25 PDT 2005

The shrinking of TPBs by Dark Horse is somewhat influenced by the Manga TPBs
too. I don't know how much, but there's some influence there. I'd say,
easily 80% of Manga TPBs are that smallish size. Heck, I've never seen a
full size Tokoyopop TPB.

In our store, the re-release DH run of Sin City TPBs moved okay, because of
the movie, but the number one complaint was the small size of them. 

I'll be there as always working/hanging out at the Blambot Booth.

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Shane!!   You're still here!!  Yea!

Hey!  a 4400 page hardcover edition of Groo!  What a concept!  I'm drooling
already.  Sign me up for a copy.  (And the companion 280 page edition of
Groo Grams)

Unfortunately, considering that Sergio & ME can't even get Dark Horse to
print the trade paperbacks in regular size, I don't see it happenning.

(For those not aware, DH wants to shrink the trade paperbacks.  Something
about that's what the market is doing or it costs less or something like
that.  Sergio says no way, he'll self publish first.  Result:  No trade
paperbacks since the Groo Odyssey in April, 2003.)

Take care -Gary G.

PS  Shane!  Hope to see you at San Diego!

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> Heya Mark.
> Has there ever been any consideration to release any more Groo hard cover
> type books. Something specifically like an Art of Groo Hardcover
> (something similar to what Stan just released under Dark Horse for Usagi.)
> And my ultimate dream, a hard cover collection of all the Groo. Obviously
> I really like hard cover books on my shelf! :)
> I'm going to guess that such an endeavor wouldn't really be a financially
> smart choice, in regards to a Groo hard cover series collecting all the
> Groo works.
> ~shane
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