[Groop] Italian Groos!!!

GARY GROSSMANN grossfamm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 11 21:57:35 PDT 2005

Hi Folks!

Yes, as the subject of this message implies, Italian Groos-which Sergio told
me did not exist and which a number of Italians told me did not exist- have
been discovered...and procurred!!!!  It turns out that in late 1985, early
1986 an Italian Magazine entitled "Alien," ran 4 issues of Groo.  (The first
four epic Groos)

You'll notice that I didn't say that I discovered them.  That's because I
did not.  They were discovered by the wonderful and generous Groopie, Steve
Hubbell.   After figuring out that they existed, he found one on Spanish
Ebay.  (That's right, an Italian Magazine on the Spanish Ebay site that
includes the translation of an English comic book created by a Spaniard.
See, it all makes sense!)  And then he contacted me to let me know about it.
What a great guy!  (Steve will be shortly receiving a large stash of Groo
stuff from me!)

Communicating with my new Italian friend was rather amusing.  Usually the
International folks I write to understand English pretty well.  However,
Alessandro obviously didn't speal English any better than I speak Italian,
and we were obviously using very similar (i.e. not that great) Internet
translation service.  Those things have real problems with prepositions and
pronouns.  Anywho, eventually everything worked out and I even found out
that he had all four magazines with Groo and so I arranged to buy them all.

So now the official KNOWN International Groo count is 222.

btw, Steve, I might not get things mailed off for a week or so.  At the
moment I am right in the middle of Graduation Mania.

Take care all -Gary G.

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