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Gabriel Gnall gabrielgnall at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 14 06:00:30 PDT 2005


I just joined this Groo Group, though I've been reading Groo for many years (an issue of Groo was the first comic book my parents bought for me, in the 1980's).  With the help of ebay, I am in the process of trying to complete my Groo collection, and the only book I am missing is the Groo Garden TPB.  If anyone happens to have an extra copy that they are willing to part with, or knows of someone with an extra copy, I would be willing to pay a decent price or possibly trade back issues.  I am constantly searching on ebay and the internet for this book, but just can't find a copy.  

Also, does anyone know if further reprint books are planned?  (I think the Groo Odyssey was the last one . . .)

Anyway, good luck with the Groop, and I look forward to hearing more Groo news in the future (what's this I hear about a movie . . ?).


Gabe Gnall
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