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you can also try trading for it at boardgamegeek.com.
search for "groo".  then, click on the "groo: the game" link.
scroll down to "Users Trading this Game."  currently, there
are 7 people willing to trade theirs.  click on the number 7,
and then on the "View Wants" links.  (this requires you to
create a free account at boardgamegeek.com.)  -or- you
can click on the envelope icons to send emails offering
to buy the game from them.

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Ah!  Steve Jackson was after Sergio to do a reprint of the game, but there
were complications because Ken Whitman, who had originally created the game,
went through bankruptcy and in the process sold the "mechanics" of the game
to another company, meanwhile no one could find the original art.  But it
sound like perhaps everything got worked out.  Steve Jackson puts out his
games on some sort of schedule that requires a lot of lead time, so it might
not be until 2006.  I will see if I can find out anything.  Maybe some
Groopies who are into the whole RPG scene can find out easier.  -Gary G.

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 >Unforunately, about the only place to buy Groo: The Game is on ebay, where
it usually goes for a pretty high price.  Good Luck,  -Gary G.

ME: Last I heard, Sergio had made a deal with a company to bring out a
reprint of the game.  But I have no idea when.
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