[Groop] new member, San Diego Comicon

GARY GROSSMANN grossfamm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 18 13:21:18 PDT 2005

Welcome to the Groop Mike!

> I had the pleasure of finally meeting Sergio at the San Diego Comicon last
> year, and also got to meet Stan.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Mark
> and wasn't there on the day of their presentation.

Mark is the businest man at the Con. It's one of those strange situations
where everyone gets to see him because he's on 137 panels, but it's really
hard to meet him because he's on 137 panels.

> They did talk about the
> Groo/Conan and Groo/Tarzan projects.  Does anyone know what happened to
> those?  I am a fan of both of those characters and thought especially the
> Groo/Tarzan could be great.  I really loved the Tarzan adaptation Mark did
> for Marvel in '84.
The Groo/Conan project seems to be the furthest along according to the last
info Mark gave us.  They intend it to be a 4 part mini-series.  Sergio has
said that Groo/Tarzan will be a little more dificult to pull off because
where as it is easy to mesh Groo's world and Conan's world, doing the same
with Tarzan's world is trickier.  The most exciting project in the works,
and the one with the most obstacles, is the Groo Movie Sergio & Mark have in
the works.  Oh, and in case you were wondering why the trade paperbacks
stopped, Dark Horse wants to print them in a smaller size and Sergio says No

> Does anyone know if Mark and Sergio plan to attend this year?  I want to
> my tickets but don't know which day would be best.

They attend EVERY year.  I believe Mark said it looks like the Groo panel
will probably be Friday and Quick Draw will probably be Sat., but emphasized
that nothing is settled.

> I don't mean to hammer everyone with questions you've probably already
> covered on my first post, I'm just glad to connect with other Groo fans.

Well, thisngs have been pretty quiet lately, but welcome aboard!    -Gary G.

PS to Everyone:  I'll be gone for a week.

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