[Groop] new member, San Diego Comicon

Chris Schechner chschechner at ev1.net
Tue Jun 28 06:33:56 PDT 2005

And always keep this phrase handy, "¿Donde esta el baño?"

Okay, that pretty much uses up all my Spanish!

El Glorko

on 6/27/05 10:50 PM, Jorge Filevich at rage at engr.colostate.edu wrote:

> If you say that they will immediately recognize you as a gringo and will
> be in trouble, so you should say :
> "Donde ESTA la Farmacia de Groo?"
> And San Diego is full of badly written Spanish in the public transport
> system. You would figure that being so close to Mexico they would hire
> someone who actually speaks Spanish, but I guess they don't really care.
> Jorge

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