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In a message dated 6/28/2005 7:37:11 AM Pacific Standard Time, Bodhikt writes:
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rage at engr.colostate.edu writes:
>>If you say that they will immediately recognize you as a gringo and will 
be in trouble, so you should say :
"Donde ESTA la Farmacia de Groo?"<<
Thanks-- or rather, "Much grass", as they say here near the border.... I 
seriously doubt anybody would mistake me for anything BUT a gringa, anyway, 
though. Most of my Spanish lessons came from living in East LA about 40 years ago-- 
more Spanglish than Spanish, and baby-talk Spanglish at that.
>>And San Diego is full of badly written Spanish in the public transport 
system. You would figure that being so close to Mexico they would hire 
someone who actually speaks Spanish, but I guess they don't really care.<<
Well, they don't seem to have all that many people who can speak/read/write 
proper English, either, so they may just have a policy of hiring illiterates. 
Either that, or somebody has a secret agenda of promoting the Border patois-- 
you know: the "We went to la marketa en mi carro" sort of phrasing.

"God may be One, but God loves diversity". Horaku
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