[Groop] OT: More Katrina Stuff

Azamin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Wed Oct 5 19:05:50 PDT 2005

Maybe only for that night, all waiteresses are named Katrina... as  
marketing strategy to get more people to dine there, thus increase the 
fund collected to be donated....

Janet L. Harriett wrote:

>If any US Groopiers haven't made dinner plans for this evening, tonight 
>(Oct. 5) is Dine for America, a fundraiser where a bunch of restaurants 
>are donating their profits for the night to hurricane relief.  The list 
>of participating restaurants is at www.dineforamerica.org.  We went to 
>the local Outback Steakhouse where--I swear I'm not making this up--our 
>waitress was named Katrina.
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