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Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Mon Apr 10 17:19:32 PDT 2006

Hey Gary,
            This past weekend I was going over a thorough inventory of
my Groo collection. I was doing so because I wanted to ensure I would
not be buying duplicates or missing anything now that you were so kind
to post the updated Groo list. While going over my collection and
comparing things to your list I noticed a few things, which I was
wondering if you could explain.
1) In your original listing of "The Death of Groo" graphic novel I
noticed "(1)" after "GN. Is the number in the parenthesis just a
numbering count for the order of graphic novels in that particular
series printing? I am guessing this because you have "(2)" after "The
Life of Groo" graphic novel.
2) Could you clarify some things in regards to the printing of "The
Death of Groo" graphic novel because you specifically wrote "(1st or 2nd
printing)" under the original publications listing, but then under the
reprint listing you wrote the 1990 3rd printing has better color
separation? My own original copy of "The Death of Groo" has the 1987,
Nov. date, so I guess I am just wondering when the second printing was.
3) In your older listing I noticed you had a few "2"s after the names of
some of the reprinted Trade PaperBacks. Did those "2"s just designate
the amount of copies of each in your own collection?
4) Under the Groo Carnival Trade PaperBack you listed the publication
date as Feb., 1992, but my own copy seems to indicate Dec. 1991. Is this
an error in your listing or was there a reprint I am unaware of?
5) Under the "Death and Taxes" mini series you have May 2002 as, what I
logically presume to be, the printing date of the 4th "Death and Taxes"
comic in that series. Contrary to this, my own copy of Death and Taxes
#4 seems to say April 2002. I was wondering if this might be an error on
your part or if you could provide alternate clarification.
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