[Groop] OT: suggested free web page creation / hosting services

Josh 'Taco Dulce' Jones josh at newdream.net
Fri Apr 14 10:38:52 PDT 2006

And of course, I can't let a web-hosting-related post go by without 
mentioning that, I, Josh Jones, groo.com register-er and groop 
founder/moderator extraordinaire, also founded dreamhost.com, the most 
awesomest web host in ZE WORLD. And also now one of the biggest! And with 
the secret "777" promo code you can get your first year of Crazy Domain 
Insane (normally $119.40) for just $9.24 .. like 90% off!


On Thu, 13 Apr 2006, Ruben Arellano wrote:

> sorry everyone, did not mean to post that reply to the whole Groop - I'm not sure what happened there.
> If I HAD intended to reply to the whole Groop, my reply would have been crammed so full of wit and cutting-edge humour, you
> wouldn't know what to do with yourselves.  that's right.

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