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Hi Folks!

They ARE awsome.  Those are some of the Spanish editions of Groo.  The first two are the Groo Chronicles and they are both wrap around covers that make up one continous drawing!  (I bought two copies of each so I could lay them out and see the whole drawing at once.)  Thye came out in 1999.  

The 24 page books have covers that are mostly variations of their Epic counterparts, in some cases they have a "what happned next" or "what happenned right before" aspect to them.  (Except in the case of Groo El  Errante # 3, for which Sergio used a previously unpublished drawing dated 1986).  There are 24 of this series and they came out in 1999-2000.  They are black and white.    

The other books all have original wrap around covers, except it appears that the latest two (I don't have those yet), the first and second Dark Horse mini-series, don't have original covers.  They have been coming out over the last 10 years.  

You can get them from Spain (Thanks Rene!) and Sergio usually brings some to the Cons.  

Take care all -Gary G.  

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  I found a Groo sighting too.    On this website below.    I've never seen these Groo covers before.    They look awesome!    How come they weren't released in the U.S.???


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