[Groop] OT Question for Mark

Mark Evanier evanier at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 17:19:10 PDT 2006

Grossmann, Gary wrote:

> Just rented a DVD of F Troop episodes.  Is the art used in the second season
> opening the work of Jack Davis?  

ME: Nope.  I believe it's a commercial artist named W.T. Vinson who 
spent years imitating Davis (and other artists) for record album covers 
and other places.  He did the famous cover of WHAM-O GIANT COMICS.

> F Troop is the first laugh track comedy I've watched in quite a while.  In
> every laugh track I have ever heard there is a sound every once in a while
> that sounds like someone softly yelling "what."  Do you know what or why
> that is?  

ME: Nope.  Sorry.

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