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Yodazone at aol.com Yodazone at aol.com
Wed Aug 2 15:25:24 PDT 2006

I got my grand spanking new and rare Groo statue today....i drove 60 miles  
to the only comic store in miami that actually had one on display......i'd like 
 to send a shout out to Tate's Comics for ordering this.    I  heard that 
comic stores who ordered multiple Groo Statues  only recieved one and now they 
are in back order.....they told me "back  order" in "Diamond" terms means 
they're not really going to get  anymore.    There were 550 Groo Statues split up 
for 3400 Diamond  accounts and some stores down here didn't get any.
How come Groo had such a low print run?   The Classic Comic  Character 
Hellboy and Bone statue had a run of 750.......Groo is more popular  than those two 
comic hacks right????
Oh The Horror!!!   

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