[Groop] Groo Statue

Sean sean.hughes at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 3 09:10:19 PDT 2006

Mine turned up in the Uk today from TFAW, had to pay another £8.00 for 
customs charges though, but I got number 011.
Is this the lowest number?


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Finally got my statue from TFAW today. NICE :D

Updated list.
Classic Comic Book Characters #6: Groo (550)

No: ? Greg Craill
No: 021 Ken Washington
No: 022 Ryan Simmons
No: 039 Fred Vigeant
No: 041 Eric Chun
No: 042 Steve Kuhn
No: 058 Gary Grossmann
No: 067 Martin Senkpiel
No: 068 Bruce Senkpiel
No: 078 Ronny Hansen
No: 086 Michael Hay
No: 103 Jorge Filevich
No: 104 Tone
No: 109 Charles
No: 110 Alexandre Adriano
No: 133 Steve Kuhn
No: 168 Scott Hudlow
No: 212 Shawn Moore
No: 382 Jared Brooks
No: 403 John Torregrossa
No: 440 Andy Reagan
No: 505 John Torregrossa 

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