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Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Sun Aug 6 08:10:37 PDT 2006

            Gene just wrote the group about getting the new statue and
preferring the PVC figures better. Even though I love the great classic
packaging of the new statue I have to agree in liking the PVC figures
more in some way. Maybe it is because they come as a set of six and/or
the PVC material just makes them look that much cartoonier.
            Gene also mentioned the store near him also still has a PVC
set available. That got me thinking about some links I still had for
things. I do not know how much the PVC figures were being sold for at
the store near Gene, but Things From Another World still has the PVC
figures for $39.99 along with a number of the older trade paper backs.
Just do a search for "Groo" on their search page:
ass=t&qt=rd_www3.tfaw.com> &nonepass=t&qt=rd_www3.tfaw.com
            Also in case anyone does not know, Graphitti Designs still
has the original limited edition "Cheese Dip?" statue, five of the six
pins, the limited edition hardcover Death & Life of Groo book, the
soft-cover Life of Groo book, and the 20th Anniversary T-shirts (but not
in medium even though the size choices allow you to pick medium). If
anyone is still looking for any of these things in new condition just go
to the Graphitti site and do a search for "Groo":
            I just thought maybe there might be some Groopies out there,
who might not have had their fill of the older stuff after getting their
fix with the newer statue. :-) Of course people might occasionally be
able to find various things randomly on eBay for perhaps a lower price,
but either way. Enjoy,
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