[Groop] Overly Long Con Report

Eric Chun ericchun at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 9 03:55:31 PDT 2006

Gary wrote:
>>On the way over (to the Eisners), I realized I'd left my backpack
>>at the restaurant (but not Sergio's money. Even I'm not that bad.)
>>So when I escorted Carolyn to the Special Persons entrance at the
>>Eisners,  I told her that if she spoke to Sergio to tell him I was going
>>out to try and get mugged.

Larry wrote:
>You left your BACKPACK at the RESTAURANT and missed a big part
>of the Eisner's to retrieve it? Hey, that's MY act, you copycat!!! Next
>year I'll just have to steal YOUR act and drag you to LA and back and
>make YOU miss the Groo Panel, so THERE!!!


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