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Here's a cool interview from M.E. on his work on the  Superman Animated 
series.   I had no idea he was a part of  the Superman series from the late '90s.   
If you're a fan of  Superman and DC,  these dvd season collections are 
awesome and  look crispy clear on the new dvd sets.  
_Comics2Film  Fan Feed - STAS 10th: Miracle Worker Mark Evanier on Superman_ 

   There is a small mention of Groo at the bottom of the  interview in which 
work is underway on another new mini  series.   My question to Mark is,  will 
this be a 4 issue  mini or a 12 issue mini series?      Heck, a 3 set  of 4 
issue minis throughout the year would be awesome.    Maybe  for Groo's 25 
Anniversary or earlier???        
     I think the Groo fever is coming back because  the statues on ebay are 
going for 100 to 200 bucks on ebay  already.  Here in Miami,  every groo fan I 
run into in my comic shops  are devastated they couldn't find the new 
statue.....HAHA.....Maybe Dark Horse  printed only 550 staues to fuel and ignite 
demand for more Groo???    hmmmmmm........     
_Comics2Film  Fan Feed - STAS 10th: Miracle Worker Mark Evanier on Superman_ 
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