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Thu Aug 24 23:01:06 PDT 2006

Heh... it's not just the football (soccer for the Yanks in the audience) supporters in Holland that wear orange- Orange is Holland's national colour.  You should see it on the Queen's Birthday holiday (not her actual birthday... a previous Queen's birthday, since the current Queen's birthday, if I remember correctly, is in the fall or winter, where they didn't really want to put a holiday, so they celebrate it in the summer)- everyone is running around wearing violently orange clothing, and a significant portion of the populace actually dies their hair bright orange.
  David Reinhardt
  P.S.- Who says being part of the Groop isn't educational... or, "What did they mean, slow of mind..?"

azamin zainol abidin <azamin7 at streamyx.com> wrote:
  Holland football supporters loved to wear it....  they called themselves "the orange army" or "oranje"
Maybe we should open Groop HQ there....  :D

Chris.Emmett at uk.standardchartered.com wrote:
Which reminds me, please put me down for one of those fantastic orange   t-shirts that no fashion guru would wear ever. :-)  Womble

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