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Friday, January 20, 2006

Planning Ahead...
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In a day or three, I'll be posting the list of panels I'll be hosting at the 
WonderCon in San Francisco, which takes place February 10 through 12. 
WonderCon is a great convention. It's run by the same expert folks who bring 
you the annual Comic-Con International in San Diego...but WonderCon is 
smaller, more intimate, more manageable and in many ways, more fun. I don't 
go to a lot of conventions these days. I've been to too many and experienced 
too much déjà vu. But I try not to miss WonderCon and you shouldn't, either.

If you're going to be in S.F. for it, you might be interested to know that 
the annual Chinese New Year's Parade is that Saturday night and its route 
takes it not far from where the convention is being held. This could be good 
or bad news. It could be good because it's a colorful, fun event and you 
might want to hike over to the parade route and enjoy the festivities. On 
the other hand...well, last year it coincided with Wondercon also and a 
batch of us tried to go to Chinatown for dinner that night. You have no idea 
how delightful it is to try to get a cab in San Francisco right after the 
parade, especially when it's pouring rain and the police have half the 
streets blocked-off.

Also: We'll be doing our famous Quick Draw! game at the WonderCon with 
Sergio Aragonés, Scott Shaw! and other fine cartoonists. But we'll also be 
doing a different version of it in Santa Cruz on the evening of February 9. 
Joe Ferrara, who runs the Atlantis Fantasyworld comic shop in that fine city 
is celebrating his 30th year in business so Sergio, Scott and I will be 
doing it there as well, along with Batton Lash, who draws the acclaimed 
Supernatural Law comic, and Bill Morrison, who's responsible for the comic 
books of The Simpsons. If you're interested in attending, here's the info.

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