[Groop] Groo Grams in reprints

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Fri Jul 7 20:15:38 PDT 2006

	Over the past few months I have collected a bunch of the later
Groo comics and paperbacks, which I had not had before. I have been
waiting for a good day when I have some free time to really sit down and
appreciate all of the new material I have amassed, and it looks like
tomorrow will be that day.
	I was wondering though, do the reprints have the original
Groo-Grams from the comics they re-printed or do they have newer Groo
Grams from the time period they actually came out? I always enjoyed
reading the Groo Grams along with the stories, so if the reprints have
newer Groo Grams I might go ahead and read them too.

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