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Fri Jul 21 19:20:28 PDT 2006

> Like you, I'm also wary of the voice casting.  With the exception of 
> the Peanuts characters, most voices given to previously exlusively 
> illustrated characters just don't sound right to me . . .
Well, ME does have a bit of experience in this area.  I have confidence 
in him.  I just hope in the name of everything good and decent that the 
movie doesn't have marquee voice casting.  If the studio insists that 
some big name screen actor with no real voice acting experience play 
Groo, I'd rather not have the movie (you can quote me on that).  That 
was my one big gripe with Over the Hedge.  I loved that strip before it 
became popular, and while it was nice to see that they at least managed 
to animate the characters true-to-strip rather than just vaguely 
turtlefying Garry Shandling, there was just nothing in the voices, like 
the actors didn't realize they had to sound like a raccoon or a turtle 
or a skunk.  That wasn't RJ; that was Bruce Willis coming out of RJ's mouth.

As to the merchandising, by all means, rush to complete the collections 
before the demand spikes.  We'll still have the pleasure of knowing we 
are not Johnny-come-latelies to Groo (and I have dated, autographed 
fridge magnets to prove it).

Sweet mother, I just got a horrible thought.  If Groo becomes popular, 
I'll still be in the Groo Grams with that dumb letter.  Then, when I 
become a famous writer, someone will undoubtedly notice that's me in 
Death and Taxes 4.  Why is there no emoticon for "why is the earth not 
swallowing me up right now"?

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