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Yodazone at aol.com Yodazone at aol.com
Sun Jul 23 15:33:07 PDT 2006

Hey,   how do you guys have your Groo trading cards  stored? 
   I was trying to figure out a way to store mine and Ryan told  me his idea 
that his were stored in plastic trading card sleeves inside a  binder which is 
good b/c some of the card art are spread over multiple cards to  create comic 
panels and a binder is an ideal way to store them.  But  wouldn't it be 
awesome if there was a special cover to a card binder??
    Do you guys think that Sergio would be open to sketch a  cover for 
binders if we send them to him?   If he would do  them for any fee or any costs he 
might have for him to  produce a personalized sketch for the loyal Groop 
members who  collect the Groo cards?   How many are we in the Groop  anyway?  20-30 
     I don't know if he has a policy for sketch  requests by mail but I would 
definitely pay for one of Sergio's fast Groo and  Rufferto sketches on a 
binder.   Any type of sketch of Sergio's  would be a beautiful cover presentation 
for the Trading card collection we loyal  Groop fans have in out collections.  
 I would pay extra for a Chakkal  and Dakarba too!
I know it's a stretch but I thought I'd throw this idea out there  and see if 
it was a possibility....

Gary,  do you know if Wildstorm ever had any plans  to produce any kind of 
binder for the trading cards??

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