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Hi Folks!

Fortunately for all of you, my Con report will be somewhat shorter than
usual this year.  And this message is more of a pre-Con report.  Plus, I
wanted to make up for something like 8 messages on Sunday by combining a few

First off, I hope you all looked at Steve's Con report.  The Kunster is the
man!  He knows how to do the Con.  Planning ahead is essential and once you
get there, having back up plans if lines are too long and such really helps.
Steve did all that and as you can tell it really, really paid off.  If you
go to the Con and plan to wing it, you will not have as good an experience.
Cuz Mark is right, there are actually 10 or 12 Cons going on at once and if
you haven't figured out before you get there what you want to see and where
and when it all is, you will end up dazed and confused.

Unless, of course, you are me.  The man with the narrowest focus of any of
the 120,000 attendees and who is always a little dazed and confused anyway.
I'm there to see Sergio, Mark & Carolyn, Stan & family, Tom, Gordon, Scott
Shaw! & Family and all my fellow Groopies who have made the trek.  If there
is something else of interest, that's cool, I'll try to make it, but if not,
it's no big deal.  So if you go, don't be like me.  I'm ridicules.  Be like
the Kunster!

Also, I need to tell you that Dougie McCoy rocks as a hotel room host in
addition to rocking as a comic book artist.  And it was great to see Kaytee,
Eric, Steve, Scott, Richard Gutierrez, Dave (No Way), Areil (sp),  Mo orst
(aka Rocky), some folks I missed and will kick myself about later, and
others who identified themselves as former Groop members.  I was
disappointed not to see Nate, Shane, the other Shawn, the Harrietts, any
number of other Chris's, and, of course, Larry.

Other Topics:

My local comic book shop ordered two dozen Solo 11's and has 9 left.  If
anyone can't find one let me know and I'll pick it up and mail it to you.

It sounds like at least several of us ended up with two of the new statues.
Maybe after the dust settles, some of us who have two would be willing to
sell to some wayward Groopies who didn't get there orders in or had their
order cut rather than leave them to the tender mercies of ebay.


There seems to be renewed interest in the Groop Membership Cards.  Here is
what the Front <http://www3.flickr.com/photos/mightyhero/1086426/>  looks
like and here is what the Back
<http://www3.flickr.com/photos/mightyhero/1086418/in/photostream/>  looks
like, except that the lettering for your name, number, and year is smaller,
raised, and a different font.  (Eric, please provide a link if I screwed
mine up)  They are plastic and just like a credit card in size, shape and
feel.  If you want to order one or more let me know now or sometime in the
month of August.  Also tell me the name you want on each card and the year
you became a member of the Groop.  If you can't remember, guess.  You can
order more than one copy of the same card. I'm not gonna mess with special
numbers this time around.  I don't  remember the cost the last time, but the
more people who sign up, the lower the cost.  Maybe something like $5-$7.

In the mean time, I will get in contact with the folks who actually make the
card and see if they retained the old master.  That will affect the cost.
Finally, if you are ever in China and see a gold Groop Membership Card with
Josh Jones's name on it, make no sudden moves because you have probably
stumbled into an international luggage theft ring.

Did I Err? T-Shirts

There has also periodically been interest in the Groop "Did I Err?"
t-shirts.  This could also be done again.  the last time they cost, I think
$12. for a high quality shirt.  If you are interested in that (Did I Err? on
the front, www.groo.com <http://www.groo.com>  on the back) send me a
separte e-mail so I can make a separate file.

OK, that's it for now.  Take care all -Gary G.

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