[Groop] Other than Groo

Ryan Simmons onewhowatches at msn.com
Sun Jul 30 13:36:21 PDT 2006


Well, as Tone already knows, I am obviously influenced by Groo because my 
longest running hobby is collecting...


If that isn't a classic sign of someone that likes to read Groo then I don't 
know what is.

I draw a bit.  But not in a serious manner.

Also aquarium keeping.  Freshwater including planted tanks with high light, 
CO2 injection, etc.  Will probably try my hand at saltwater one year and do 
a reef tank.  I'd like to get an octopus one day.  Did you know you can 
order them online?  Crazy.  But saltwater is a little too expensive for me 
right now.

I'm into computers.  Hardware, software, everything.  It is what I do for a 
living as well.

Reading about physics(for the layman), the universe, evolution, history, 
wars, ancient civilizations, etc.

That's about it for me.


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