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Fred, Fred, Fred!!

Of course there are more T-Shirts.  There have actually been at least 11 T-shirts, counting the San Diego Con volunteer t-shirt from 1996.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of T-shirts and the fact that some of them were very parachiol and limited, most are impossible to find.  

-Gary G. 
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  I have three T shirts..


  The front and back one. 


  The "I subscribed, did I err?" one (I did subscribe way back when. I never opened them either..)


  And 20th anniversary...


  Are there more???????????????/


  More! More! More!


  ( My plan is to wear them when I retire.) 


  Oh yeah. Membership card, too. 


  More! More! More!


  I want  ALL  my books signed!


  Anyone got a Marvel 16 signed????


  Don't have that one yet!!!!


  Groo PVC, Groo lunchbox..


  Anyone got an extra Groo toothbrush? The one with that little thingie that no one knows what it is on the other end? 


  School started last week. Can ya tell? 




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