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Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
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Hi Folks!
OK, I need to make a few things clear about the banner.  George
Karalias, not me, is primarily responsible for it.  He got together with
a guy he has worked with in the course of his regular job and they made
that magnificent creation.  My total contribution was the idea to do
something big using the art from the covers, and the text. That's it.
So really it should be a photo of George in front of it, but he wasn't
there when Eric came by.   And many, many, many thanks to Bruce
Senkpiel, Steve Kuhn, Wayne Smith, Yodazone, Ronny Hansen, and Shawn
Moore, who helped pay for it.  And I should mention that Dark Horse
kicked in some funds as well.  
Take care all,
Gary "Let's give credit where credit is due" G.  
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	My goodness, Gary! That's pretty impressive! One would think
you're a Groo fan or something.
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