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Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Wed Aug 1 10:05:24 PDT 2007

            Awesome work done on your part for both the banner idea and
the masks. Clearly as you state, credit is also warranted for George
Karalias and everyone else to make that poster happen at the Con.
However, how come I do not remember this idea to pay tribute to Groo at
the Con mentioned before in the Groop? I would have been happy to pitch
in something to help pay for the banner. I can not believe it was
something done at the spur of the moment in person during the Con. I
know the Con lasts a few days, but I would think a project like that
would have a production turn around time longer than at least two or
three days. Was the idea posted on the other Groo forum? That forum has
to be logged into and checked, which I do not get as much chance to do.
            Whatever the case may be, great effort guys! It truly is
terrific. Hell, it looks so well done I would think it could easily be
adapted into a poster format for Dark Horse to distribute as promo
posters and such. Could there be any possibilities of that happening?
Not surprisingly, I would buy one even if it was distributed for free!
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