[Groop] Gary

Shawn Moore uslgrad at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:57:35 PDT 2007

Reguarding the groop cards.  I would NOT list them on ebay.  If you need 
some cash flow, I will happily pay you for them and you can keep them until 
new people join the groop and want(need) a membership card and pay me back.  
Since it will be a while before they will be reprinted again, I think we 
should keep them for true members of the groop.  After all, we're getting 
new members all the time, hence my new munchkin in a few weeks.

Puzzles, trivia teasers, word scrambles and more. Play for your chance to 
win! http://club.live.com/home.aspx?icid=CLUB_hotmailtextlink

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