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Martin Kranwetvogel mkranwet at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 08:31:18 PDT 2007

Hey Bubble,

You haven't missed any new Groo issues - you've just came back right on
time! That's what happens in the next few month (or years...):

- Groo 25th Anniversary Special (August)
- New Groo series (September)
- The Groo Parade
- Groo Alphabet book
- Groo/Conan crossover
- Groo/Tarzan crossover 
- Groo Treasury (reprinting long-unseen material from the Pacific Comics
and Eclipse Comics runs of the character, including "Groo For Sale," a
very early appearance that has never before been seen in color)
- Groo movie
- Mighty Magnor trade paperback
- New Mighty Magnor series

Wow! Double-wow!


--- "Grossmann, Gary (DOR)" <GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV> schrieb:

> Hey Bubble!  Congratulations!!
> Wow!  I guess reading Groo isn't bad for your brain.  We now have Dr.
> Bubble and Dr. Rage among long time Groo readers.  (Hmm.  I wonder what
> happened to me?)  
> Anywho, you've jumped back into the middle of the 25th Anniversary
> frenzy.  Plus the San Diego Con just finished.   New Groo.  Groo Hats &
> Buttons.  Lot's of fun. 
> Take care -Gary G.  (Who, in typical fashion has read this message
> before about 50 that came before it.)  
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> 	Hi all. 
> 	It's been a while since i've read any of the groop emails. Never
> seem to have the time nowadays. I started my residency last december,
> (so I'm finally a doctor... did i err?)
> 	and everything's been crazy. I seem to have stopped buying
> comics (even Usagi! *gasp*)
> 	sometime back... but hearing that a new groo is coming out...
> well here I am. 
> 	What have i missed? Hope everyone's still enjoying the craziness
> that is the groop!
> 	I'm sure gary's still around. Hi gary! =)
> 	Bubble
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