[Groop] The Kuhnster's Con Report

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Fri Aug 3 16:39:24 PDT 2007

	GREAT report on your own perspective of the Con. There are
clearly a lot of terrific photos, which show significant details to
things I had not yet seen. Your report was the first place I got to see
the Groo hat and pin, so thank you. I have never been to such a big
comic convention myself, so it is interesting to see the way someone
else might approach it.
	I have a couple of questions though. On one of your pages with
photographs of artists giving you their autographs, there are naturally
a few pictures of Sergio. In one of the photos you can see some of the
Groo merchandise on his table. To the left of Sergio in at least one
photo there seem to be a couple of zip-loc plastic bags with round
objects in them. Are these possibly the anniversary pins or maybe the
magnets, otherwise what else would they be? Also, I can tell he has the
hats, PVC figures, and the limited "Cheese-Dip/Mulch" Groo statue, but
what is that apparently bigger box behind them to the left as well?
	Another thing I noticed was in your Epson photo album. I have
never met you, but I am quite sure you are the one posing in front of
the banner. I believe there was a photo of you on your Con report page,
but SOMEBODY had a Groo mask in front of their face. :) Either way, I
think I recognize you from other photos. In the photos of you and the
banner on the Epson site you seem to be wearing a very new-looking white
shirt with Groo on it. On the shirt Groo is hugging Rufferto and there
is a "GROO" text block in blue on the chest. I do not have my own
collection in front of me, but I can not recall seeing this shirt
before. Where is it from?
	Also, if it were not clear already, I envy you and everyone
else, who got to go to the Con. :( Thanks for sharing your experiences

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