[Groop] MAD about Sergio!

John T comics230 at cox.net
Sun Aug 5 12:22:53 PDT 2007

Hey folks,


            I'm going through my stuff and trying to get rid of it. I have
about 40 MAD pocket books. 15-20 are Sergio's (with doubles). Most are not
good shape and I don't really want to list them all. So if you know the
names of any you want or need, I'll check. As always I'm not asking anything
for them, but any donation to CBLDF would be appreciated (not required).
Also, don't send your request to the Groop, just to me. I'll let you know if
I have what you want.


            Also, what does everyone thing of Sergio's ad for Ballpark
Franks? It is part the Three Armed Hunger campaign running in DC comics.
It's a tie into MAD magazine. 


            On last note it's a shame to see MAD get so commercialized, but
then I have supported it in nearly 30 years.


John P. Torregrossa

PO Box 28184

Providence, RI 02908-0184

eBay ID: Groo

eBay Store: ParaFANalia Toys & Stuff


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