[Groop] Gary G. Con Report Part 3 (Yawn!)

Owens, Gabriel R JO2/E-5, CNRC N00 gabriel.owens at navy.mil
Mon Aug 6 07:51:02 PDT 2007

Great reports, Gary!  I can vouch that knowing Gary or being in the
Groop gets you head of the line, special seating and personalized
sketches/autographs from the Groo staff.  

I need to get back to the con one of these days.  Sucks that when I was
stationed there I only got to go once (stupid deployments).  I'm going
to try next year, no promises, tho.


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Here here, Andrew. Gary, those reports were about as boring as new Groo.

Loved 'em.


>I did NOT yawn at all reading those 3 reports, much thanks for writing 
>them up gary!
>On 8/5/07, Gary Grossmann <grossfamm at comcast.net> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Hi Folks!
> >
> > Here is the last installment of my Con report.  (Yay!)
> >
> > As far as getting stuff folks had ordered from Sergio & Stan and 
> > getting
> > Programs and the Guides, that all turned out to be relatively easy,*

> > although the programs were a little involved and I had to wait until
> > Plus the darned things are heavy!! (I'm getting old!) And then there

> > was Myron's stuff...
> >
> > Myron, you will recall, was the victim of an evil dirty bad nasty 
> > boss
> > made him cancel his trip to the Con. Myron sent me his Reg. 
> > confirmation
> > I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to get his Con Package of 
> > Program, Guide, and promotional crap. It took a little talking, but 
> > I was able to
> > the package and then Myron e-mailed me and asked what about the
> > Statue? What statue? Myron had paid extra to get a statue.
> >
> > So I go to the Program Office and they tell me to go to the 
> > Fulfillment Office in rm. 29A. 29A? I didn't know the numbers went 
> > that high. Well,
> > turns out that rm. 29A is an indeterminable distance from the 
> > Program office, somewhere in the 4th dimension. You couldn't 
> > possibly walk that
> > and still be in the Convention center. I went down a hall, across 
> > the pavilion, over the river and through the woods, and down this 
> > looooooong corridor. Then, just before I crossed the border into 
> > Tijuana, there was room 29A. (I could have peeked around a corner at

> > that point, but I was afraid what might be there.) After a few silly

> > questions, the woman in
> > Fulfillment room gave me the statue and I left the room...fulfilled!
> > a bullet train and was back at Sergio's table in two shakes. (Myron,

> > I'm just kidding. It was really no big deal.)
> >
> > Well, the Con ended and we helped Sergio get all his stuff put 
> > packed
> > and while we were doing that Stan came buy with the first 9 pages of
>Hell on
> > Earth and Sergio told me to take a look. It was fascinating to see 
> > where Sergio needed to do actual pencils and where he just needed to

> > put a squiggle or nothing at all. He later explained that crowd 
> > scenes and
> > of battle scenes require virtually no pencils. He inks them 
> > essentially
> > hand. But some parts of a particular panel need to be penciled 
> > pretty
> > (by Sergio standards anyway), such as two people shaking hands or
> > biting someone on the butt, to make sure everything lines up right 
> > and
> > in the confines of the panel. It was very interesting.
> >
> > Finally, we had to say good bye to Sergio and it was very sad to 
> > think
> > I will not see him for another year. He is too cool for words. A 
> > couple minutes later it was time to say goodbye to George and that
was sad too.
> > Long Suffering Mrs. G. & I were very tired and a little ragged 
> > around
> > edges, but we had had a great time.
> >
> > Of course, I couldn't get through the Con without at least one
> > you know, the CBLDF membership card for 2007 has a cool Groo drawing

> > on
> > I keep mine in my little wallet in the little window where I 
> > normally
> > my driver's license. When we got to airport I forgot to put my 
> > driver's license back in front of the CBLDF card. So when they asked

> > to see my ID
> > the security check, I flashed them the Groo drawing instead of my
> > Surprisingly, I was not immediately subjected to a strip search.
> >
> > I'm sure I will remember other cool things, but you've suffered
> > Take care all -Gary G.
> >
> > * This has turned out not to be the case afterall.  Details later.
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