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I'm down with most of those, but Jessica Alba doesn't strike me as a good 
Chakaal. I think Uma would be all over that part.

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>I wish a Groo movie would get underway already.  I think Kevin James would 
>make a perfect Groo.  Rufferto would be digital of course.  Cher could be 
>Arba and Roseanne Barr Dakarba.  Rosie O'Donell would be Grooella.  The 
>Sage would have to be Anthony Hopkins.  Chakaal could be Jessica Alba.  The 
>Minstrel should be someone who can play a banjo and sing, maybe Steve 
>Martin.  Arcadio= Fabio.  Drumm= The Rock.  Pal= Ben Stiller.  Taranto= 
>Owen Wilson.  Now, get going!
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