[Groop] OT- Popeye DVD

Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Mon Aug 6 15:28:04 PDT 2007

Hi Folks!

Although it was waiting for me when I got back from San Diego, I didn't
get a chance to sit down and start watching the long awaited DVD
containg the first 60 Popeye cartoons until yesterday.  

It is as good as advertised!  It is fabulous!  And we even get to see
Mark cuz he's one of the commentators. Popeye has always been my
favorite animated cartoon.  I've been waiting for this for decades!  I'm
in cartoon heaven.  The only thing that will top this is when the Groo
Movie gets made!  

-Gary G.  
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