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            eBay shouldn't care if post a link that's directly related to
the item your selling and it not a commercial web site. I just updated my
About Me (me not ME) page to include a link to Groo.com. I had one on there
since I created the About Me page, but in this last incarnation I did not
put it in. Did I err? 


            Also, if you want I can put a listing in my store for a fixed
price. The good things about that, it is always up and at a fixed price. The
cost is a whole .06 a month plus 10% final value fee. Plus, I am GROO. Poor
thing it won't show in the main search, Groo always has too many listings. I
think even if posting it in as a Fixed Price sale (7-10 days), which should
show up in a main search, and may be cheaper than an auction. (I don't use
Fixed Price sales). I still could post in my store and have you drop ship


            Let me know if you want to do it.


            Just to let the Groop know, in over 9 years on eBay, I have
never sold a single Groo item on eBay. At times, I have been chastised for
even suggesting it. This has upset me a bit, but not too much. (pet peeve)




John P. Torregrossa

PO Box 28184

Providence, RI 02908-0184

eBay ID: Groo

eBay Store: ParaFANalia Toys & Stuff


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Hi Folks!

Well, I've decided to put the generic membership cards on ebay. Shawn &
Shawn make some very good points and fortunately it looks like no one else
who bought one at the Con is turning around and selling it. But I thought
that Rick also made some really good points about it possibly being a
recruiting tool for the Groop and a promotional opportunity for Groo. So
more than actually selling the cards, that's what the text of the ebay sale
is going to be directed at. 

I was told that ebay would get all bent out of shape if I really promoted
the Groop and Groo by naming the groo.com website and dark horse comics, so
i had to modify my original text.  

Anywho, I hope you all don't mind. And remember, you guys all got
personalized cards. 

-Gary G. 

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