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            Did Mark definitely confirm the auction was listed with an
inaccurate/false description? Is it at all possible the seller could be
honest? The licensed and marketed miniatures by Dark Horse (not the
current Dark Horse publishers as Gary has explained once in the past)
did come out in 1986, and according to the eBay listing the 90mm
miniature was made in 1987. Granted the seller never does mention the
artist's/sculptor's name, who I would imagine would be a good friend if
he just gave him a box of such goodies. At least if the seller included
someone's name it could be some manner of evidence to legitimize it as a
            Still though, it is a work of art, and especially took some
effort considering it is a metal sculpture. I find it difficult to
believe anyone would cast such a miniature for only Fan-love purposes or
just to sell it.
            I suppose the big issue here is the initial sale of
something with Groo's imagery without permission/license from Sergio &
Mark. Am I correct it this? I guess I am wondering then, if some sort of
intricate fan-art was created for personal enjoyment and another fan
appreciated it so much they wanted to buy their own version from the
artist. then would that be allowed?
            As only an example, Kaytee from the Groop has made some
incredible bead art, including at least one "Rufferto" amulet pouch.
What if another Groop member wanted to have one made? Would Kaytee be
allowed to sell such a piece of artwork with Groo-related imagery at a
fair price, which covered her expenses & time spent on the project or
would she have to seek permission first? For that matter, what if any
one of us made a one-of-a-kind detailed statue of Groo for only our own
enjoyment, then we passed away and a relative sold it at an auction
beginning at a reasonably low price, but it sold for thousands of
dollars. I am presuming this is why Mark was willing to let that auction
go as a one-shot deal. It seems this kind of thing might exist as a grey
            Personally I thought the "prototype" 90mm miniature was
cute, but I certainly would not spend $437 for it. Then again I have a
hard time justifying spending over a hundred dollars on any one Groo
item. There are a few rare exceptions of course, but I do not think I
would spend $437 for even one of those incredibly rare Groo jackets.
Well, perhaps I would if I had won the lottery, but if I won the lottery
I would also keep a condo within close biking distance to the San Diego
convention center so I would never miss another con. :-)
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