[Groop] 1988 Poster on eBay

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Mon Aug 13 09:49:44 PDT 2007

	I remember one or two people wanting very much to purchase one
of those 23"x34" 1988 Marvel/Epic Groo castle "Siege" posters. Well I
noticed one on eBay today with no bidders yet. The starting bid is
$49.99 with a shipping and handling cost of $8.99. I am really curious
just how much this poster will sell for. If there are any potential
bidders in the Groop, be careful though because the seller does not have
ANY feedback.
Here is the link:

	Also on eBay, there is one of the insert cards for those
Groopies still looking for IG cards. It is an IG-8 card, and its
starting bid is $9.99 with only $1.50 S/H.
	By the way, I STILL have five insert cards I want to sell and a
couple of other things. A couple of people in the Groop wrote to me
off-list to tell me they were interested, but as usual it seems people
did not follow through.

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