[Groop] Ebay Groop Membership Cards and HI all

Jason M J Smith the_tsar at excite.com
Thu Aug 16 21:53:45 PDT 2007

 Hey there in Groo land I think I am the person talked about that bought those 2 cards of Ebay. Im 33 now, live in Australia, and apart from no water, there is bugger all Groo stuff. I  found Groo in 1991. My brain no thinking like.I even sent Image #1 to him  to sign...(got it back with groo stickers and Mark signed it, they even gave me back the 5 US$  I put in for postage)   I thought these cards looked cool, and Im all out for cool groo stuff.........I even had a pic of me(drawn in paridy by Sergio) in the Image run of groo, many years ago.  The day the cards listed I was filling time at word and was searching (desperatly bored) through the buy it now groo gear on ebay, thats  where I spied it.I had heard of the groop, but that was years ago before you all started to talk about ebay stuff and the Movie...(Give me a minute...) The cards I bought allowed me to discover some info that alerted me to specials for the groopies, Groo related. So I thought I better sign up to see 
if I can be on the ground floor next time somthing cool is released. (Like, how impossible is it to find that "In a Tin" Groo statue. now) I bought one right away. (And why do the  Dark horse metal dragons sell for 50 plus bucks each...)  Groo, Spawn and my all favorite Thanos, the only 3 comic beings I  collect. Spawn no longer for the story, just completion.  Back to work,  PS:  I really want one of those Groo phones I see in the background of Sergios other strips. Would totally pay someone to mold that for me.       

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