[Groop] Sergio's upcoming Con appearances

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Tue Aug 21 12:20:13 PDT 2007

	Alex wrote to me off list to point out the flaw in my
environmental logic as well as bring up some of the public transit
alternatives to the Con since he is relatively local to me. Rather than
write to him off list as well though, I thought I would write to the
Groop to acknowledge my "error" and also let my fellow Groopies know I
am not all hard-lined and serious about stuff, and do still have a sense
of humor about this.
	For those who did not realize it, I am actually quite aware of
the twisted logic of biking down to the Con for environmental reasons,
just to have my wife drive down and back to pick me up with our minivan
after the convention. The big reason for biking down to the con is for
me to get to the convention at a geek-early time without bothering my
wife in the morning on a Saturday... when she would much rather sleep in
until the Con might be half way through. Also, the idea of her spending
an entire day at a comic con is not that thrilling to her either. She
enjoys the stories in Groo, appreciates the artwork, and my love of Groo
makes her happy, but there is a limit for her. Plus she definitely would
rather not be seen in public with me decked out in as much Groo
paraphernalia as I can. :)
	With all that said though, still I would ideally like to bike
both ways. Mostly that is just the cyclist in me wanting to have an
excuse to exercise and demonstrate stamina and discipline on a personal
level. After all, mountain climbers do not do what they do just to get a
good view. I am NOT the kind of guy, who would go to a gym or pay for a
membership. Instead I would rather just get my exercise by biking PAST
the gym to the supermarket and pick up food, ice cream & cookies. :)
	After doing my test run down to the convention center though, I
just do not know how realistic it would be for me to bike down there and
back in the same day. The point of biking was to avoid having to bother
my wife as well as not spend the money on gas, public transit, or a
hotel room. To make it to the Con by bike in time for the 10am opening I
would have to leave by 3am, which I am willing to do. After spending a
number of hours walking around the Con though, I just do not know how I
will physically feel about cycling 58 miles back. Either way it would
mean having to bike much of the trip in darkness. Even that should be ok
though considering the first and last four hours or so would all be on
the rail-trail away from any traffic. I have plenty of bike lights to0,
so that is not a major issue.
	What it really comes down to is me simply wanting to combine two
things I love, cycling and Groo. All the benefits of cycling are just a
bonus. On the other hand, all the obstacles are just a personal
challenge and proof of my own appreciation of the art and stories the
Groo Crew have created for us over so many years.

	Completely off THIS topic though... Any photos of the new
mustached 'lil "Sergio" bunny we are getting are going to be delayed.
The shelter called to let us know they could not fit him into their
vet's schedule, but we should be getting him tomorrow.

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