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Groo's father & mother are prominent characters in The Life of Groo.
You must get a copy.  It is a great story.  

Please also note that Usagi did NOT fight Groo and win.  Groo defeated
himself.  Somehow that's very appropriate, but I agree it was somewhat
disconcerting to see him like that.  

-Gary G. 

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The Comic-Con book is extensive in it's Groo content.  The only bigger
article is for Star Wars' 30th Anni.(Anakin's childhood nickname too).
I enjoyed the fan drawings especially.  Usagi fights Groo and wins!?
That's the first time I saw Groo dead and my feelings are mixed.  The
rabbit is smarter than the bear (from "Edge"), and Groo of course.
Sergio's biography is interesting, but Mark's was surprising.  I never
knew he was so accomplished.  Why is he still volunteering his
penmanship to the Spanish cartoonist?  

P. S.- Was Groo's father ever shown or discussed?


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